Ubuntu Audio Recorder

An audio or sound recording tool is vital since it allows you to get a voice-over on a clip or perform other jobs. Nevertheless, capturing audio using Ubuntu is constantly a topic of discussion. There have been some tools that can help you do it quickly, but rather an integrated system cannot record audio. If you’re looking for a simple way to record voices on your Ubuntu system, check out the post below. We’ve covered all of the details and solutions for recording audio using Ubuntu. Open your Ubuntu 20.04 system and log in from it. You need to open your command shell via Ctrl+Alt+T because we have to work on the command line to install an audio-recorder tool or program.

Install Audio-Recorder using PPA

After the terminal shell has been opened, we need to add the PPA (Personal Package Archive) repository in Ubuntu20.04. Hence, we need to use the sudo apt command in the shell to add the PPA library for the further installation of the audio recorder. Therefore, try out the following command in the shell and press Enter:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:audio-recorder

Install Audio Recorder PPA Repository

Within the execution process, we will get the below output saying that you can update and install the audio recorder’s latest version by trying out the below stated ppa commands.

Add new PPA

Now you can also use the following command to get the latest version of the audio recorder on your system using PPA.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:audio-recorder/ppa

Add PPA Repo

Between the installation process, the system asks you to continue the process by pressing Enter. So, press Enter to continue the installation of the audio recorder otherwise press ctrl-c to quit.

It will start installing the ppa archive repository for the audio recorder.

PPA added

Let’s update the apt and system using the beneath command in the shell to apply the changes in the Ubuntu 20.04 system.

$ sudo apt-get -y update

Update packages

Now the system has been updated and the PPA has been added successfully, let’s install an audio recorder using the below apt command in the shell as follows:

$ sudo apt-get install audio-recorder

The system will start installing and configuring the audio recorder in our system. The last lines for the installation process completion are shown in the screenshot below.

Installing Software

To remove the installed audio recorder from your system, you need to utilize the below-stated apt query followed by the keyword “remove” in it.

$ sudo apt remove audio-recorder

Launch Audio Recorder

Open the installed Audio Recorder in your system via the Activity area. Click on the Activity area. The search bar will be opened. Click on it and type Audio Recorder. Press Enter to search installed tool. You will be presented with the below output. Double-click on the “Audio Recorder” to launch it.

Audio Recorder Icon

Now the audio recorder has been launched, the following window will be opened. Click on the “Start recording” button to start recording audio.

Linux Audio Recorder

Whenever you press the “Stop recording” button, the tool will start recording audio and the green signal will be shown. You can say anything to record it.

Start recording

You can also apply Timer on your recording if you want to record the audio for a set time. The below following screen can make you edit the starting and stopping time of a recording.

Audio Recorder timer

You can edit the Audio settings using the below panel from the interface. You can change the format of audio from the “Format” section.

Audio settings

You can check the “Additional Settings” of the Audio recorder via the below panel. You can change the default location and filename format of an audio file from the “Folder Name” and “Filename format” options.

Save files to this directory


Whenever you wish to clarify anything on the display or give audio on a video, you’ll need to record audio. The method outlined above is suitable for all Ubuntu computers, so you may apply them to multiple Ubuntu versions.

How to Record Audio in Ubuntu 20.04