What is JDownloader?

JDownloader is a Java-oriented download management application designed for easy and fast downloading. It is a free and mostly open-source  (GPLv3 licensed with some closed-source parts) downloading tool with a huge community of developers working on making downloading a faster and reliable experience. You can control this tool easily by starting, stopping, and pausing your downloads. You can also set bandwidth limitations and auto-extract archives and do a lot more. The tool saves a lot of your time by customizing the way you download stuff from the Internet.

In this article, we will tell you how to install the latest JDownloader 2 on your Ubuntu system. We have run the commands and procedures mentioned in this article on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system.

How to Install JDownloader?

The first step in the installation procedure is to download the .sh installation file for JDownloader 2 from the official JDownloader website: http://jdownloader.org/

Open the following exact link and download the file by clicking the Download button.


The installation file JD2Setup_x64.sh is saved to your Downloads folder by default.

We will be launching the installer through the Linux Terminal. Open the Terminal application either through system Dash or the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut.

Move to the downloads folder through the following command:

$ cd Downloads

Then, run the sh file through the following command:

$ sh JD2Setup_x64.sh

Run JDownloader setup

This command will launch the installer for JDownloader 2 Beta as follows:

JDownloader installer started

Click the Next button in order to proceed with the Setup. The following window lets you access the General Public License and tells you to make sure that you have downloaded a free package of JDownloader:Advertisement

Accept License

Click the Next button after which the following window will open for you to choose the destination folder where the JDownloader is installed:

Select installation directory

You can Browse for another folder rather than your home folder where you want to install the JDownloader. Click the Next button to proceed to the following Select Additional Tasks window.

Create Desktop Icon

This window lets you create a desktop icon for JDownloader. You can uncheck the option if you do not want a desktop icon to be created. Click the Next button after which the installation process will begin as follows:

Installing software

When the installation process is complete, the following window will indicate that JDownloader is installed on your system.

Installation completed

You can launch the JDownloader download manager right then by keeping the Run JDownloader option selected or you can uncheck it in order to avoid running it.

Click the Finish button in order to exit the installer.

Launch JDownloader

You can later launch the JDownloader by entering the relevant keyword in your System Dash and then clicking the JDownloader 2 icon.

Search for JDownloader in Dash

JDownloader will launch in the following view:

JDownloader started

Here, you can add links for downloading, customize various download options, and install multiple plugins that make the installation process more efficient for you.

How to Uninstall?

JDownloader is by default installed in a Jd2 folder in your home directory. Open the Terminal application and move to that folder. In case you have installed it so some other folder, you need to move to that folder.

$ cd jd2

Now when you list the files of the jd2 folder, you will see the uninstall file by the name of “Uninstall JDownloader”

content of install directory

You can run the executable file through the following command in order to uninstall JDownloader from your system:

$ ./Uninstall JDownloader

The installer will appear as follows:

JDownloader uninstall

Click the Next button in order to uninstall the application. The system will begin the uninstall process and ask you if you want to keep the JDownloader settings and links saved on your system. Select the required option after which the downloading tool will be removed from your system.

Keep settings?

The following window will indicate the removal of JDownloader from your Ubuntu system:

Uninstall completed

This article explained the purpose of the JDownloader utility. It also provided a step by step procedure to easily install and then uninstall the application from your system. It is best to download the installer package from the official JDownloader website as it provides a stable and free version of the software for you to use.

How to Install JDownloader on a Ubuntu System